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For Franklin's Classes of

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Also a SPECIAL Treat

Yearbooks from 1935-1938

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Classes of '71 & '72



So......Keep May 28, 2021

free on your calendar for the '71 & '72 50th !



The '71 &'72 Joint 30th Reunion was held in 2002

 Saturday, May 25, 2002

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Have 1938 Yearbook !

Looking for the Family of Arthur or Beatrice "Betty" STILES

A generous person from Martinsville, Indiana (Keenen Steinway) found the 1938 Franklin Yearbook

belonging to Beatrice ("Betty") Stiles in papers belonging to his parents.

It appears that her brother Arthur Stiles was on the championship 1938 Franklin tennis team

but transferred to Monroe the next year -- so it is possible she did as well.

Keenan sent the yearbook in, and and it is available now.

If you know or knew Betty (also called "Walts")

or Doris Klein (who she ate lunch with),

let us know, as Mr. Steinway would like you to have the book.




Benjamin Franklin 1946 Yearbook with signatures for Lois Vaisey
I think her name is on the inside cover, or one of the first few pages.
She would love to find it and reread them again.

Contact her daughter Christine at chrisndoug at rochester.rr.com
Thank you!





CLASSES OF 1971 & 1972


To see Class List for the Class of 1971 or

the Class List for Class of 1972


To look at the LIST of people we've FOUND

for both the Class of 1971 and the Class of 1972



 CLASS OF 1976

had its

30 Year Class Reunion !!


They also may contact the following people as well.


Charles Hall, Class President or

Tina Elie: tmelie@rochester.rr.com




Graduates of #39 School -- a MESSAGE (7/8/12)


Please contact: Eunice Leone by an email to uni31@aol.com




Class of 1942 -- a MESSAGE (9/12)

My father would like me to check if there is information for a
reunion for his class  of 1942. If so, who would he contact? Many thanks, Paula Marra, for Peter Folino



Class of 1980 -- a MESSAGE (7/12)

Hello, my name is Diana C. I graduated from Benjamin Franklin HS class of 1982.

I never had the chance to buy my year book, I would like to know if there any way I can obtain access to one. I had so mmany memories at Benjamin Franklin HS.

After my mother passed away when I was 10, my grandparents took my brother and I in their custody and took care of us until we moved from New York to Rochester at the age of 16.

I was so scared when I entered Benjamin Franklin because it was so big. There I met new friends and my life changed after that.

Now I live in New Jersey, married for 24 yrs. I have one son and two daughters and my first grandchild on the way.

I would appreciate it so much if I could either get a copy of have it posted here. Please help me. Thank you so much.


If you would lend the Classes of 71-72 Reunion Committee the 1980 Yearbook to scan, we will add it here for Diana. Send us an E-mail



MESSAGE (7/12) FOUND (Turns out she was in the June 37 Yearbook !!)

My mom Gertrude Katz graduated from Benjamin Franklin High school and I was hoping to see her scanned year book.

I believe she graduated in 1933. She lived on St Paul Street and I am her daughter Laurie

Can you please let me know how I can see the year book and if possible can you tell me what year she graduated?

I am almost certain it was 1933 and she passed away three years ago. I really would love to see the yearbook.


Note: we are not part of Franklin's administration so we don't have access to its records -- we're just a reunion committee for two classes.





Class of 1960


See 45th REUNION Pics/Info

from July 22, 2005



and the Details!!!!







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